An International Organisation

Unitas Fratrum, the Worldwide Moravian Church consists of Unity Provinces, Mission Provinces, Mission Areas and certain areas of work which are the responsibility of the Moravian Unity as a whole. They are termed Unity Undertakings.

The Unity Synod represents the Church as a whole and currently meets every seven years. It lays down general principles and controls those funds and branches of the work assigned to the international Unity.

The Unity Board is the standing council of the international Church from one Unity Synod to the next. It consists of one member from the Provincial Board of each of the Provinces governed by a Synod. 

View the Directory of Chairs and Superintendents of the provinces comprising the Moravian Unity.

You can now download the following:

  Watchwords 2014, Moravian Provinces (22.8 KiB, 988 hits)

  Unity Prayer Day 2014 (105.8 KiB, 917 hits)

  U B Letter May 2014 (346.3 KiB, 814 hits)

  UB2014 Resolutions (536.9 KiB, 378 hits)

  Pastoral letter (441.0 KiB, 398 hits)

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